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Description automatically generated--------------------Leftist Untruths

#1 Control  On Substack  Listen - What the Leftists really want.

#2 Equality Do we want government mandated equality?

#4 Catastrophism On Substack  Listen - Are we really running out of everything?

#5 Socialism On Substack  Listen - Leftists say socialism can work for nations. It can’t. Ever.

#6 Centrism  On Substack  - Listen

#9 GDP  On Substack  GDP measures Productivity, the way that Leftists want.

#11 Far Right  On Substack  The desire for more and bigger government is never Rightist.

#14 Overpopulation  On Substack Is overpopulation real, or is it an untruth?

#18 Slavery   On Substack  Leftists hate slavery? Don’t believe it.

#19 Free Speech   On Substack  Leftists like free speech? Not true.


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