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The “Our Democracy” Hypocrisy “We must protect our democracy hypocrisy.” Read, Listen, Spotify, YouTube, Rumble

ChiComs Rewrite our Bible True Story   READ Spotify Rumble YouTube

Dear Leftists: “Decolonize Constantinople!” Read, Listen, Watch

Uniparty: The New Purple Gang, Read Listen Rumble YouTube

blue-red Why don’t the Democrat Party drapes match Communist the Party rug? Read, Spotify, YouTube, Rumble

False Claims Leftists Make: Government Control is Better than Freedom? Read, Listen, Watch

“You Have a Right to __________” (Leftists fill in the blank) Read Listen 

The House is in Chaos!!! In 2023 Read, Listen, Watch

What If Left-Right Politics Was American Football? Read, Listen, Watch on Substack

How Commas Are Killing Us! A Modest Punctuation Proposal  Read, Listen

How the U.S. Became the World’s Biggest Exporter of Marxism  Read, Listen

How to Move Mountains. Left. Who’s Squawking about Squaw Mountains? Read or Listen on Substack

A Message from the U.S. Pronoun Defense Department, Read on Substack

We Surrender. (But we shouldn’t.)  Read or Listen on Substack

The Difference Between Socialism and Free Enterprise — in 1 PICTURE  Read or Listen on Substack

BELIEF: Men who pretend to be women  Read or Listen on Substack

How the Elites Got New Cars. New Railroad Cars A lot of rich people are being subsidized.  Read on Substack

Leftism = Democracy? Read

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